Status & Progress – March 2021

The “Your money can work harder than you” phase.

Since the last post, there’s been a nice boost to the net worth. The blue line continues to move slowly but surely to the right. The wider the blue section gets, the closer we are to financial freedom and greater control over our time.

Motivation and nice problems

This is all great stuff. Lovely progress has been made and it makes me feel proud. Even better than that, I’ve had a decent share of fun and meaningful work along the way.

But of course us humans are good at finding problems and here’s mine:

Most days my portfolio value goes up or down more than I earn and that dents motivation to work for money

This is, as I say, a nice problem to have but the growing strength of my financial position does take the wind out of my sails when it comes to my daily drive to earn.

Having spent a good few years working hard, pushing hard and generally being a pretty productive sort of chap, I recognise that I have more ‘down time’ and moments where I – how shall I put it? – can’t be arsed.

This is a rich man’s problem of course, and it’s definitely a problem. I might be rich but I’m definitely not rich enough to quit working.

So, the problem:

I’m getting lazier as I get richer

The good news is that I am re-framing my work motive towards more of doing good, helping people and generally making a dent in the universe. I must put my hands up and admit that for a few years I’ve been focused on making money. There is nothing wrong with that of course but I have to recognise that my profit motive has meant that lots my work has been transactional, and short of satisfaction, meaning and societal contribution.

My thoughts are shifting towards doing less of the transactional stuff and more of the meaningful stuff. It’s a good feeling and my sense is that this is way more than a ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ thing to a sense of comfort and recognition that it’s my direction of travel.

The solution:

Think differently about work

I will continue to reflect on this one. The task, the more I think about it, is to move away from being a dutiful, reliable, getting-stuff-done sort of person, towards taking a more mindful approach to what I do for work. I secretly think that as well as enjoying it more, I’ll be more successful per hour worked than in my current mode.

The options:

  • Volunteering – e.g., be a trustee / governor
  • Take more, longer holidays & breaks
  • Put less in the diary on Mondays and / or Fridays
  • Do more ‘brand building’ and sell less, but higher value work

I will also continue to reflect on these options. All of them are attractive and will help me feel like I’m leading a good life, or rather – an even better life!

Thank you.

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